Minelab X-Terra 705 Review

Minelab X-Terra 705 is a semi-professional metal detector, with positive reviews from the cotumers which is best suited for finding coins and relics.


  • 3 frequency
  • fast assembly
  • removable unit
  • informative screen (not overloaded)
  • easy to use
  • automatic ground balance
  • fast response
  • a good separation of the metals


  • can break the fastening of the coil (native) to the rod
  • many operating functions that are similarity with Minelab X-Terra 505


3 operating frequencies:

  • 3 kHz – to search in depth(very rarely used)
  • 7.5 kHz-the standard search frequency, it can be called universal, as it often lead the search for coins and treasures.
  • 18.75 kHz-high frequency, optimal for finding small targets. Of course, you need the appropriate search coils, working on this frequency.

Discrimination scale:

28 segments, with a step of 2 from -8 to +48 ( 4 segments allocated to Chernin and 24 – zitnjak). As you can see, there are more segments if you compare with Minelab 505( there are 19). The more segments – the better you can cut off unnecessary signals, respectively, the search efficiency can be increased. 4 mask of discrimination is increased to 4 + special iron mask.

Setting the ground metal detector Minelab 705 in 2 versions-manual and automatic. So, the first difference between Minelab 705 and Minelab 505 is the presence of automatic tuning in 705. Automatic ground setting is recommended when searching on highly mineralized soil where there are many stones or wet sand. According to experienced search engines, automatic adjustment significantly reduces the depth of detection of the device, so if the search is not noticeable change of soil, it is better to use manual adjustment.

Ground balance:

On a special scale from 0 to 90 you can adjust your device to the soil as efficiently as possible. Of course, you will not manually go through the whole school, because there is a special “automatic” balance selection, which will choose the most preferred option, and you will only have to adjust it to your needs.

As you already know, with a strong mineralization of the soil detectors with manual adjustment to the ground react to the stones as a good, colored target. With all your efforts, you still won’t be able to rebuild your devices with manual adjustment from “hot stones”(the so-called reaction of the device to strong mineralization). The depth of detection falls at times and does not exceed 10 centimeters. Therefore, the automatic setting of the ground + ground tracking is sometimes just an indispensable function.

Sensitivity adjustment:

maximum radar is recommended to put in the boxes, where there is no metallometer and mineralization of the soil. The detection depth is noticeably increasing. In other cases, setting the “radar” Minelab 705 takes a lot of trial and error, depending on where you are searching.

Detuning from electrical appliances and other metal detectors is present, options – automatic or manual.

Metal type recognition by sound-2 options: mono and polyphony. Mono – 4 tones, polyphony-99 tones. If you change the Minelab 305 to 705, then you put mono out of habit, but I dare you to assure that polyphony eventually helps to get out when searching for coins to a completely different level, so immediately begin to search for polyphony. At first it will be difficult to get used to, but after a while you will feel the difference.

The metal detector has a “tonal background”, with which you can easily cut off the rusty iron, which gives the flower bed. If you’ve ever dug up rusty barrel rings, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A clear color signal, the depth is large, you think – here it is, the treasure, however, the gap is a huge hole, you are waiting for disappointment. Rusty ring from the barrel. And all because,
what were looking for a metal detector that does not have a “tonal” background.

There are also such useful functions as:

  • Pinpoint
  • Display illumination.
  • The indicator of the depth of the target location.

Detection depth

As they say experienced diggers, 705 hits deeper than the 505, but everything is relative. After all, the depth depends on many factors, it’s settings, the level of “chuyki”, the state of the soil(mineralization, salt), the type of coil, the frequency at which you are looking for. There are many factors, however, to estimate the depth of detection we will publish the results of air tests of the model 705. Tests with a standard 10″ DD 7.5 kHz coil.

Prospector Mode

The new model added geo-mode, which will raise your skill search engine to a new level. That such geo-regime on Terre 705 and why he need – such questions can be meet on every forum diggers-treasure hunters. Answer-geo-mode helps to significantly increase the depth of detection. In addition to the depth of better ” see ” small targets. Initially, the geo-mode is designed to search for gold nuggets. However, in our corner of the gold dig, so you have to adjust the geo to the needs of ordinary diggers.

As write on forums, for a peep in the geo mode the individual approach is necessary. First of all, you need to look at the ground-geo-mode is designed to search for a strong mineralized soil. Diggers write that when you search in this mode, the device “takes” very deeply, but there are problems with discrimination, because at great depth small iron targets are given in Tsvetmet and you understand that digging nails with 40 cm is not very desirable. Also need to use a variety of search coils, both mono and DD, operate at high frequency. Only then will the depth of detection be simply phenomenal.

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  1. Probably the best Minelab metal detector that has been in demand for a very long time! But it is time for a new Equinox…

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