New Minelab Pinpointers – PRO Find 15 and PRO Find 35

Minelab presented new pinpointers: PRO Find 15 and PRO Find 35 to the world at the recent UK metal detecting Detective festival.

PRO Find 15 is a moisture-resistant model, and PRO Find 35 allows immersion in water to a depth of 3 m. but the main thing here — the model 35 has built-in sound discrimination of metals! Ferrous metals sound low and non-ferrous sounds high. How much is it practical-a controversial issue, because if you pick in a hole where there is ink, and your coin is copper, how will be filled with such a pin? The question of the questions that need to be tested in practice.

Of interesting things, than these pinpoints differ from competitors: they work on a special technology DIF, which allows the device not to react to the pinpoint, that is, the coil and the metal detector can be put very close to the pit and the device will not respond to the working pinpoint. Interesting idea!

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